Who We Are

SiteWorks is a specialty landscape architecture practice that helps translate visionary landscape ideas into reality. We are committed to creating durable outdoor urban environments through careful engagement of design, technology, building craft, and science. Our practice elevates pragmatic issues of project planning, design, documentation, procurement, construction and stewardship into creative possibilities. While our projects range in size, type, complexity and cost, we see each as an opportunity to work collaboratively with owners, design teams and construction managers. We work to ensure the design process is informed by the practical and fiscal realities of construction practices. We help guide the building process to safeguard design quality and ecosystem functionality. We help end users manage the upkeep of their facilities in a way that preserves the design vision and nurtures cost-effective, long-term performance.   SiteWorks is proud to support the following organizations: American Society of Landscape Architects Landscape Architecture Foundation New York Restoration Project Professional Women in Construction Brooklyn Botanic Garden The Cultural Landscape Foundation Construction Management Association of America