Cost Estimating

SiteWorks sees cost estimating as an integral part of the design process, not a tallying of costs at the end of each design phase. Because of our experience as designers, construction managers, and maintenance planners, we have a keen understanding of the costs to build and maintain outdoor space properly.  We identify not just the cost of the design as drawn but also the myriad costs required to successfully procure and deliver the project on schedule.

We develop a detailed pricing of the labor, materials and equipment required on a task-by-task basis to construct a project. Our detailed estimates include below the line costs such as design and construction contingencies, contractor overhead and profit, bonds and insurances, escalation over the estimated term of the project and other observed market conditions that may impact contractor bidding. Our detailed estimates are refined in successive iterations as project documents are finalized for contract bidding.

At each step of the way in the estimating process, the SiteWorks team works closely with both the design and Ownership team to explain how our pricing is assembled. To us, it is not enough to know what the costs are. We want design team and Ownership to understand what drives costs – so they can make informed decisions, bolstering a project’s creative possibilities and maximizing its value. During construction, our estimates can even act as a project management technique tracking a project’s performance against the total time and cost estimate.
SiteWorks is in contact with vendors, suppliers, contractors and specialty consultants. On-line standard pricing data combined with our knowledge of different market conditions, allows us to know the live market situation and price out the jobs effectively. We ask the right questions and provide our clients with itemized estimates. This process has produced greater cost accuracy for our clients.

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    New York, NY
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    Mount Vernon, WA
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    New York, NY
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    Long Island City, Queens, NY