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3rd QUARTER 2019

SiteWorks Leads O + M Planning Effort as Part of Issaquah Parks Master Planning Process

SiteWorks, in collaboration with Mithun, DA Hogan, Toole Design Group, and Herrera, is working on a new Parks Masterplan for the City of Issaquah. SiteWorks is providing Operations and Maintenance Planning and Estimating services. John Payne led a workshop with Issaquah Parks and Recreation Staff to ascertain current capabilities, issues, concerns, and themes that will help drive the master planning process as it moves ahead in the coming months.

2nd QUARTER 2019

ASLA NY Honor Award, Collaboration Design, Given for The Ford Foundation for Social Justice Headquarters Atrium

1. Annette-GuyChampin-receivingAward_515x310


The Atrium at the Ford Foundation has dramatically changed since its conception. Dan Kiley’s original design intent—of an urban forest in the city—had been degraded throughout the years due to pests, environmental conditions, and plant loss. With this restoration, the landscape architect’s design vision in collaboration with team members’ technical expertise reestablishes Dan Kiley’s original vision.



Restoring a garden inside a landmark building brought challenges: steep slopes, difficult environmental conditions, and complex access constraints requiring innovation during both design and construction. Together with a visionary Client the design team was able to creatively solve problems. Solutions such as early procurement, contract growing, long-term acclimation, geofibers in the soil, and bare rooting trees enabled the project’s success.

2. GroupPhoto_Guy-Annette-Julia-Mark-Madeline-RichardSayers-AdrianGrad_480x323h_96dpi

2nd QUARTER 2019

Regional Director John Payne as Panel Speaker at WASLA Conference

John Payne, PLA, ISA, Regional Director, was a panel speaker at the 2019 Annual WASLA Conference
on March 22, 2019. John Payne_cropThe panel discussion for WASLA was:
“Design Build and the Landscape Architect: How alternative project delivery methods are changing the role of the landscape architect in the Designer, Contractor, Owner relationship.”

John’s presentation focused on the transition from a Design-Bid-Build to Design Build is changing the traditional relationship between designers, contractors, and owners. Increasingly projects of all types and scales are turning to alternative delivery methods to reduce liability, build faster, and control costs more effectively. In looking forward, he emphasized how important it is to recognize that as Design Build becomes more prominent in our industry, the landscape architect is forced to adapt as roles change, design priorities shift, and the design process transforms.

Other panel speakers included, Dorothy Faris, Brian Aske, and Vinita Sidhu.


Watch the Time-Lapse Video of the Installation of the Ford Foundation Atrium

Read the details about this installation in the news post below.


Interior Atrium Garden at Ford Foundation Now Complete

SiteWorks, in collaboration with Raymond Jungles, Inc. (RJI) and Gensler Architecture, has finished installing the interior Atrium garden at the Ford Foundation for Social Justice. 03. Q1-2019_FordFound_2 Schenck Siteworks Ford Foundation 2018_08_28 DSC_5939 - use for ford news

The garden, designed by RJI, was renovated to restore famed modernist landscape architect Dan Kiley’s vision of a New England forest in the city.  SiteWorks provided technical consulting for the interior planting environment; assisted with coordination of plant procurement, irrigation, and fountain and soils improvements; and provided, constructability reviews, and construction administration services. SiteWorks also created a Maintenance + Operations manual which covers all maintenance activities, interior environmental conditions, potential pests and diseases, and record keeping and documentation. SiteWorks will continue to provide maintenance and horticultural oversight of the Atrium as the plants acclimate to their new environment.

Image by Timothy Schenck.


SiteWorks Partner Andrew Lavallee Professional Speaking Engagements

Andrew in Meeting_ZoOM_crop

SiteWorks Partner, Andrew Lavallee, has two upcoming speaking engagements.

He will be speaking at the Rising Urbanists Conference: Reframing the Urban Forest on Saturday, March 30, 2019.  The conference is sponsored by the ASLA student chapter at City College of New York. He will be a panelist on a session entitled “NYC Understory: Novel Ecosystems for Resilient Urban Forests” that will be moderated by Dr. Marcha Johnson, ASLA from NYC Parks.

He will also be speaking at the 2019 ASLA Kentucky/National Association of Olmsted Parks Conference in Louisville on Saturday, April 12, 2019.  He will be presenting a talk entitled “Enduring Landscapes from Concept Design to Maintenance and Management”.  His talk will feature some of our firm’s Operations and Maintenance Planning projects.



Andrew Lavallee Article Featured in Current Issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine

Life Insurance for Plants; 
Who’s Responsible When a Plant Fails? by Andrew Lavallee, FASLA, and SiteWorks Partner. In the February 2019 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine, Andrew’s article focuses on the challenges of plant warranties, and discusses practical ways to improve outcomes.

Read full article here   LAM_AI_AndrewArticle_1Q2019
















SiteWorks Tapped for Phase 2 of Hunter’s Point South Landscape Upgrades

04. HPS IMG_3420_535wat96dpi

Hunter’s Point South is a new 5,000 unit mixed use residential project on approximately 30 acres of prime waterfront property in Long Island City, Queens. The project includes some 17 acres of new streetscapes, open space, and a waterfront park. The project has been undertaken in two phases, with Phase 1 completed in 2013 and Phase 2 in 2018.

SiteWorks served as Resident Landscape Architect during Phase 1, performing constructability reviews during the design development and construction document phases and working on site for the park and open space area build-out. Working closely with the resident engineer and design team, we developed detailed cost estimates for the park prior to bidding and helped with difficult construction and scheduling issues related to the waterfront edge fence, play equipment, kebony decking, rain garden construction, and custom furniture design. Other park elements include a large oval synthetic turf playing field, waterfront esplanade, children’s play area, dog run, and sandy beach.04. HPS IMG_3428_375pxWat96dpi

Due to our valuable input during construction of Phase 1, SiteWorks was asked to join the design team for Phase 2. Our Phase 2 role included detailed constructability reviews and construction support services, as well as the development of a Maintenance Guidebook. The Guidebook provided annualized maintenance tasks and staffing month by month to help NYCDPR project staffing and skillset needs throughout the year, as well as a projected life-cycle estimate for the waterfront park facilities used to calculate the annual capital maintenance fund contributions needed to support the project’s 40 year design life. Both the O+M budget and capital maintenance fund calculations were used to secure real estate financing from the site’s future residential development. 04. HPS IMG_3423_crop515wat96dpi









4th QUARTER 2018

Annette Wilkus Discusses Seasonality of Landscape Installation in an Article for Landscape Architecture Magazine

01. LAM_Nov2018_800x960_144dpi_flatimage





SiteWorks partner Annette Wilkus, FASLA, contributed an in-depth article in the November 2018 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine titled “Timing Is Everything”.  The article discusses the seasonal aspects of implementing a landscape, and the obligation of landscape architects to educate their clients and general contractors on this timely issue.  You can find a link to the article here:

Read full article





4th QUARTER 2018

Annette Wilkus Honored as ‘Groundbreaker’ by NY Chapter of ASLA

Founding Partner Annette Wilkus was honored by the NY Chapter of ASLA at the annual President’s Dinner with the President’s Award for Service and Leadership November 8, 2018.  She, along with two other women, was honored for their Ground Breaking contributions to landscape architecture.  Annette was recognized for starting a firm dedicated to the technical aspects of the profession and the implementation of innovative designs.

02. Invitation-Bio_f










4th QUARTER 2018

Partners Andrew Lavallee and Annette Wilkus as Speakers at 2018 ASLA National Conference in Philadelphia

Annette was a member of a panel entitled Enduring Landscapes: Stewardship from Concept Design to Maintenance and Management. The panel addressed the maintenance and management strategies beginning with design and construction documentation (Tom Ryan); followed by examples of working closely with the design team to assess design and maintenance needs (Tim Marshall) and Annette’s portion presenting 3 examples of Operations and Maintenance Manuals of different sizes and client type.

Andrew and Annette were members of a panel along with Raymond Jungles and Guy Champin of RJI entitled: The Ford Foundation: Restoring Dan Kiley’s Design and the Challenges Met.  The panel presented the in-depth research and analysis RJI did for the plant palate (Raymond Jungles and Guy Champin), how, as a team we, along with Jim Urban, decided to address the difficult slopes of the site using the Missouri Gravel Method to bareroot the trees while they were acclimating under a shade house in Florida (Andrew Lavallee), and the implementation of the project under difficult logistics and schedule (Annette Wilkus). As a design team we strove to recreate Dan Kiley’s design intent with suitable plants and innovative ways to address the steep slopes and environmental issues.

03. Ford - Renders 24x36 FINAL LPC PUBLIC HEARING Page 004_515pxW










3rd QUARTER 2018

A Neighborhood Anxiously Awaits the Opening of their New Park

A - 17-09-15_web

The Lower Plaza at Roberto Clemente State Park in Bronx, NY opened to the public on Saturday, May 26, 2018 – just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. After roughly 18 months of closure, park patrons will once again be allowed entry for picnics and barbeques. The inviting new space features nearly 100 outdoor tables and two dozen barbeque grills. Much of the site furniture is universally accessible. Other finishes include three dozen new shade trees and a totally unique paving pattern inspired by the skin pigments of a frog!

SiteWorks oversaw construction of the plaza providing a daily on-site presence to link the design consultant, contractors and construction manager into a cohesive team. Painstaking effort was made to ensure design implementation right down to the individual concrete paver — each and every one was correlated to the plan as it was laid. In addition, SiteWorks also served the project by managing the installation of trees and shrubs every step of the way. The firm selected quality plants at the nursery, inspected them upon delivery, and supervised their installation to uphold the standards put forth in the contract documents.

The end result is an exciting new “back yard” where the community will grow and thrive. Sunny Get-Down Structure_WEB_275w







2nd QUARTER 2018

Groundbreaking for Brooklyn Botanic Garden Overlook Project

Groundbreaking for the Robert W. Wilson Overlook at Brooklyn Botanic Garden took place on June 6.  The opening will be in the summer of 2019. One of the Garden’s most significant undeveloped sites, the Overlook encompasses a 1.25-acre area with sweeping views over Cherry Esplanade and the Garden at large. Taking design cues from the adjacent Diane H. and Joseph S. Steinberg Visitor Center the new Robert W. Wilson Overlook will be reimagined, reconstructed, and replanted in its entirety to create an immersive landscape that amplifies one of BBG’s most extraordinary vistas.   6. BBG Board of Trustees

As the Landscape Architect for the project, SiteWorks worked closely with Weiss/Manfredi Architects and Toby Wolf Landscape Architect to complete and coordinate the construction documentation expanding the Garden’s botanical collection and bringing functional reverence to an overgrown slope fronting one of its most notable spaces. The planting design by Toby Wolf including the crape myrtle species seeks to complement the design of a universally accessible pathway that provides connection and a continuous circuit between the Overlook, the Visitor’s Center, and the Cherry Esplanade.

The flowering crape-myrtle trees are an immersive four-season planting scheme of ornamental grasses and perennials. In seasonal counterpoint to the Garden’s famous spring cherry blossom display, the crape-myrtles offer a spectacular floral show of whites and pinks in late summer, vibrant foliage in the autumn, and intricately textured and patterned exfoliating cinnamon bark that extends their visual appeal into the winter. The grasses and perennials will combine to form a robust, resilient ecosystem that evolves over time, inviting a diversity of insect life and stabilizing the soil to prevent erosion.

Parametric walls designed by Weiss/Manfredi move sinuously across the landscape and were carefully studied – along with the topography with which they are intimately linked – with multiple iterations. SiteWorks challenged the initial budgetary constraints, ultimately convincing the team to pursue a system of precast concrete wall segments. This material change simultaneously streamlines the installation of the projects physical structures and lessens the severity of the proposed slopes facilitating a more robust and viable planting strategy.

Utilizing best practices, SiteWorks led the proposal for re-use of existing soils, amended to respond to the topography. The moisture regimes were carefully coordinated with the planting palette that was ultimately developed.

2nd QUARTER 2018

Andrew Lavallee at NYC Value Engineering Study Green Infrastructure Program

In May, Andrew Lavallee participated in a multidisciplinary Value Engineering Study at the New York City Office of Management and Budget.  The VE Study focused on strategies to improve the New York City Department of Environmental Protection Green Infrastructure Program.  5. Staff photo for newsletter_rt-forWEB







1st QUARTER 2018

Annete Wilkus Featured Speaker at the New Jersey ASLA

4. BridgeDivice_Capture_rtSiteWorks Founding Partner Annette Wilkus, FASLA presented at New Jersey ASLA’s 2018 annual conference in February.  The topic of her presentation was “Bridging the Divide between Rendering and Reality”.  Expanding on our successful ASLA national presentation – Inside the LA Studio-Annette spoke to how “We Have to Think Differently” when it comes to the delivery of the project and continued stewardship after the construction is complete.   As a profession we often focus on the design and the associated renderings to sell the project many times missing the importance of cost modeling, peer reviews, maintenance manuals and construction administration as key elements to the success of the project.  Speaking to “ice berg theory” – or “a lot more happens to achieve what you see” theory, Annette expanded on the need for communication early and often with the client, supporting design professions, construction managers, contractors and the maintenance crew.  Additionally, understanding how the design will be constructed is a critical portion of the design process.  Understanding access to the site, seasonality and how it applies to soil installation and planting seasons is critical to the success of the project.

1st & 2nd QUARTERS 2018

SiteWorks’ Principals Pen Articles for Landscape Architecture Magazine

3-1alt. LAN-APR_AW-article copy





Annette Wilkus, FASLA wrote an article for the April 2018 edition of Landscape Architecture Magazine entitled “Slope Style”.  The article discusses methods for the design and installation of large plantings on steep slopes.  You can find a link to the article here:


2and2-1alt. LAN-Jan_AL-article





Andrew Lavallee, FASLA,  penned an article for January 2018 edition of Landscape Architecture Magazine entitled “Trouble on the Edge”.  The article covers the challenges and strategies for dealing with the interface between paving structural systems and horticultural systems. You can find a link to the article here:


1st & 2nd QUARTERS 2018

Andrew Lavallee on Urbanist Conference Panel in NYC and as Guest Lecturer at Cornell

1. Andrew Lavallee


Andrew participated on a panel discussion at the second annual Urbanist Rising Conference in New York City on April 6th.  The panel discussion was entitled “Redefining Resiliency for Inclusion” and was moderated by Landscape Architecture Magazine editor Brad McKee.  Panelists also included Cornell Professor Josh Cerra and Dr. Marcha Johnson from New York City Parks.



Andrew Lavallee spent a day as a guest lecturer at Cornell University February 7th.  In the morning he participated in a studio critique for graduate program’s Climate-Adaptive Design Studio.  He gave a lunch time lecture to a joint gathering of graduate and undergraduate students and faculty entitled “Rendering Reality”, describing the unique nature of SiteWorks’ practice.  He also gave an evening talk on the development of his career for the Landscape Architecture Professional Practice class.


1st QUARTER 2018

SiteWorks Annette Wilkus and Andrew Lavallee featured at ASLA National Meeting

03. Slide Test - 4_300wAnnette and Andrew were featured at a special session at the ASLA National meeting in Los Angles in October entitled “In the Studio with SiteWorks”.  The event was hosted by Laura Solano, principal at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.  Annette and Andrew discuss the history and philosophy of the firm as a specialty landscape architectural practice focused on design implementation, cost planning, pre-construction services and stewardship strategies.  Their talk emphasized how the profession needs to think more broadly about how projects are conceived and executed to deliver higher performing landscapes over the long-term.

1st QUARTER 2018

SiteWorks on Team to Oversee Restoration of Irish Hunger Memorial Renovation

In October, SiteWorks as a member of the CTA Architects project team, oversaw the completion of the Irish Hunger Restoration project at Battery Park City in lower Manhattan.  The half-acre Memorial is a 0.5 acre commissioned work of art that includes an undulating landscape over a sloped and cantilevered concrete roof structure.  The landscape was conceived as a depiction of an Irish Famine Era cottage situated among abandoned agricultural fields.  02. irishhungermemorialpageUSE_Edit_CREDIT BPCA_555w

Originally built in 2002, rapid deterioration of the rooftop structure demanded a full scale renovation that included the full-depth removal of the roof’s structures, soils, and plants to provide an extensive replacement of the building’s waterproofing. In 2012, SiteWorks was engaged to complete a re-design of the memorial’s landscape and provided construction administration oversight for the repair of the building roof. Rigorous photo documentation, consultation with the memorial’s original design team and a carefully sequenced removals plan was developed to ensure that the original design intent was preserved. The design of replacement plants, soils, paving, irrigation and other site features were prepared for reconstruction. SiteWorks altered the original design of the soils to improve plant vigor, and at the same time altered the surface and sub-surface grading of soils to improve internal drainage and promote swift removal of excess storm water from the roof structure. Replacement plants were contract grown in Oregon and air-freighted to the job site. SiteWorks staff directed the layout and installation of more than 46 species and 12,000 plants.

1st QUARTER 2018

SiteWorks Partner Andrew Lavallee leads discussion at ‘Valuing Urban Parks’ forum

Option 1-B_crop_475

SiteWorks Partner Andrew Lavallee, FASLA joined Frances Halsband, FAIA of Kliment and Halsband Architects, Elissa Hoagland of HR&A Advisors, Signe Nielsen, FASLA of Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architect and NYC Parks Commissioner Silver at the Urban Design Forum’s “Valuing Urban Parks” to lead a discussion on new strategies about how to rethink design, revenue generation and public financing to better serve routine maintenance costs for New York City’s public neighborhood parks.

New York City’s newest signature parks are largely funded through a mixture of philanthropy, corporate sponsorships and captured value from adjacent real estate. While these strategies have proven to be effective, they are not viable for existing parks in low- and middle-income neighborhoods. The discussion included a review of smarter design strategies, concession agreements, as well as budgetary and tax restructuring approaches to bottom-line routine maintenance costs for these important open spaces.  Andrew’s contribution to the discussion, developed in collaboration with Jamie Maslyn Larson, RLA Partner at Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architects, included a review of current maintenance costs associated with a variety of park typologies as well as strategic approaches to design and O+M that include careful programming, fiscal modeling and open space plans that enable effective open space maintenance management on a park by park basis.

4th QUARTER 2017

SiteWorks Founder Annette Wilkus honored as ‘Top Women in Real Estate 2017’

SiteWorksv6 - 1 page-1 crop_374at150dpi
Annette Wilkus, FASLA, RLA was honored by Sokol Media in its 16th annual ‘Top Women in Real Estate 2017’ Special Edition published in September. The goal of the special edition is to advance the acknowledgement of women in Real Estate and Construction in New York.DSC_3900_180x324





The five-page cover story highlights Annette’s accomplishments as Founding Partner of SiteWorks, a specialty landscape architecture firm, as well as a number of our notable projects including The High Line, Brooklyn Botanical Garden Native Flora Garden Extension, Queens Plaza Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements, and Governor’s Island.

SiteWorks staffers Julia Gold (l) and Cristina Cordero (r) both enjoyed the celebration honoring Annette.




3rd QUARTER 2017

SiteWorks Staff Takes New Jersey Nursery Tours

In September the SiteWorks staff enjoyed a full day of Nursery tours. The entire office went to central New Jersey and visited 3 Nurseries; Pinelands Nursery, Pleasant Run Nursery and Fernbrook Nursery. The day tour is sponsored by the 3 nurseries every other year.

Each nursery offered a different learning objective:
– Pinelands Nursey showed the group the complete production system and various varieties of potted shrubs and perennials.
– Pleasant Run showed us their new containerized fields expanding their inventory from quart size to larger container shrubs.
– Fernbrook guided us through their growing fields and showed difficult containers. While half the group went to the fields, the other half of the group received a beneficial soils primer course.



2nd QUARTER 2017

SiteWorks Staff Reviews Progress of Hunter’s Point South Project

Hunters Point South_480x320

In May, SiteWorks visited Hunter’s Point South Phase 2 in Long Island City, NY, one of our projects in construction. The staff walked the site with Senior Project Manager James Dudley and observed the status of the construction as well as the different types of plantings. James explained some of the issues that have been dealt with and the reasons for specific tree and plant species selection.

Annette Wilkus and Andrew Lavallee, Partners, frequently arrange staff site visits, noting the tremendous teaching value for the office. They are dedicated to growing the staff and insuring a broad understanding of all SiteWorks projects, not just their own project.

2nd QUARTER 2017

Annette Wilkus Featured on Building Parks 2017 Panel

On May 23, 2017 Annette Wilkus, FASLA, RLA, Partner, was on the second panel of Building Parks 2017 Professional Women in Construction Parks Panel. The keynote speaker was Therese Braddick, Deputy Commissioner NYC Parks and Recreation. The first panel was ‘Perspectives from the Public Realm’, while the second was ‘Perspectives from the Designers’.

Annette - Building Parks_440x320Joining her on the panel was Molly Burne from MNLA, Lisa Tziona Switkin from James Corner Field Operations, Donna Walcavage from Stantec and Moderator Susan Chin from the Design Trust for Public Space.

Annette presented our work as support to designers offering technical, operations and maintenance documents and eyes and ears on construction sites. As Landscape Architects, our firm promotes better implementation of innovative designs.

2nd QUARTER 2017

Blair Guppy Joins SiteWorks as Senior Landscape Architect

Blair Guppy for News_320x320

We are pleased to welcome Blair Guppy to SiteWorks as a Senior Landscape Architect. He joins the firm with over 15 years of experience in award winning and innovative projects. He possess both international  project management skills and technical expertise allowing him to creatively resolve issues and complete projects on time and within budget.

Blair is skilled at writing technical documents and procedures in a clear and concise style. His management style is motivating and flexible. We are all looking forward to working with him.



2nd QUARTER 2017

Andrew Lavallee Leads Two Green Infrastructure Panels

Andrew - Green Infrastructure_403x300

In April, Andrew Lavallee, FASLA, RLA, Partner, lead two green infrastructure panel discussions at the Rising Urbanists: Green Infrastructure for the 22nd Century Conference hosted by the New York ASLA and the Student ASLA Chapter from City College.  The first panel entitled “How Can We Design Green Infrastructure with Greater Impact?” included guest speakers Rebecca Hill from RAFT Landscape Architects, David Seiter from Future Green Studio, Eric Rothstein from E-Design Dynamics and Thomas Reeves from FXFOWLE. The second panel entitled “How Can Green Infrastructure Engage More People and Places?” included guest speakers Shaun O’Rourke, Green Infrastructure Director with The Trust for Public Land, Jason Smith, Biodiversity Ecologist with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Lindsay Campbell with the USDA Forest Service, NYC Urban Field Station and Thomas Rainer, Co-author of Planting in a Post-Wild World.

Andrew will be leading a green infrastructure panel discussion at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Los Angles in October entitled “Overcoming Barriers to Scalable Green Infrastructure.”

1st QUARTER 2017

Andrew Lavallee Is Now a Partner at SiteWorks

Andrew Lavallee_tux_news

Annette P. Wilkus and SiteWorks are pleased to announce effective January 1, 2017, Andrew R. Lavallee has joined her as a Partner in SiteWorks Landscape Architecture.

Andrew joined SiteWorks in January 2015 as the Director of Strategic Planning. His broad experience with high profile, interdisciplinary landscape projects has enhanced our specialized construction management and design practice. Andrew has expanded our portfolio to include site operations and maintenance planning services assisting our clients with strategies to improve the full life-cycle performance of their landscape facilities.

Andrew’s experience as a teacher at City College’s Landscape Architecture program has proven invaluable in the mentoring of new and junior staff.  Andrew has been challenging our staff to achieve new and higher levels of accomplishment.


SiteWorks Adds Ford Foundation Headquarters Project to Roster

SiteWorks is proud to announce we are working with Raymond Jungles, Inc. (RJI) and the Gensler Architecture team on the renovation of the Ford Foundation’s interior atrium garden. In December 2015, the Ford Foundation announced that it is embarking on a $190 million mission-driven renovation of its landmark New York City News-Ford Foundation Picture_rt_newspostheadquarters, creating a global center for philanthropy and civil society. As part of the project, the atrium plantings and fountain will be fully restored to the spirit of the original Dan Kiley design, an innovative atrium public space designed in 1964.

SiteWorks is working closely with the RJI team providing technical consulting for the interior planting environment, landscape cost estimating, constructability reviews, plant procurement and resident landscape architecture services during construction. The anticipated project completion date is summer 2018.

JUNE 2016

SiteWorks to Provide Ongoing Facilities & Construction Management Services to Governors Island Park Project

SiteWorks with LiRo, is proud to have been chosen by The Trust for Governors Island to provide Facilities Management and Construction Management Services. This 5 year project’s charge is to manage, maintain, make improvements to and increase the efficiency of operations on the 172 acres Island.

As the visitor attendance continues to grow and the landscape matures, the Maintenance and Operations of the Island’s open space will require adjustments. This demands a team with diverse capabilities and the ability to quickly adapt to what needs arise as Governors Island evolves. SiteWorks has been working on Governors Island since 2012 and has seen and understands the realities of the Island and has been successful in adapting to unforeseen needs.

SiteWorks will start this process by evaluating the current needs and anticipate the Park’s future requirements including staffing costs and equipment. An inventory of current and new facilities, equipment and vehicles as well as mapping the as built will set the base and allow for a predictive approach and planning.

Sustainability initiatives will be included in the Maintenance and Operations plan to improve long-term efficiencies, environmental performance and educational opportunities.

SiteWorks goal is to help The Trust for Governors Island move towards increased operational predictability, sustainability, and accountability as the facilities continue to mature and expand over the term of the contract.

MAY 2016

ASLA Merit Award Given for New York Playground Program Design at P.S.111


NYC-Playgrounds_Website-News-111M-After_250hAt the ASLANY 2016 Design Awards, SiteWorks received a Merit Award for Collaborative Design for P.S. 111M, New York, NY: Run On, Run Off; A Green Infrastructure Playground and Community Park. The project needed a versatile, multi-purpose green infrastructure system capable of managing and infiltrating a five year storm event, while simultaneously providing an inclusive and durable playground for students and the neighborhood as well. The three month participatory design curriculum, a collaborative effort between SiteWorks, the Trust for Public Land and approximately one hundred dedicated and insightful students.

The SiteWorks design team, led by Project Manager Josh Price and former Principal Melissa Potter Ix, incorporated elements of waterways and their flora and fauna, as the theme for the new park. In addition to the active recreational components, which included a running track, multi-purpose field, basketball shooting stations, play equipment and ping pong, the park features a green roof gazebo, an outdoor classroom, stage, extensive student color seal art, multiple garden areas, and a woodland walk with native plants.

MAY 2016

Annette Wilkus is Juror for Young Professionals Grant Competition


Annette Wilkus is serving as a juror on the inaugural grant competition, sponsored by Anova Furnishings, to sponsor 21 young professionals to attend ASLA’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  The grant competition is designed to accelerate individuals’ careers in Landscape Architecture.  Eric Gilbert, CEO of Anova, believes education and sharing ideas drives personal growth and develops the idea.  By attending the ASLA Annual Meeting young professionals are exposed to new ideas and networking.  The Jury consisting of Annette, David Hill and Ellen Stewart, helped to develop the competition’s submission criteria and are currently jurying the over 105 submissions. Individuals submitted a napkin sketch –critical to communicate during meetings and brain storming-, a 500 word explanation of an idea central to the individual’s region and a short summary of their regionally based idea.

MARCH 2016

Andrew Lavallee Appointed to NY State Board of Landscape Architects

Andrew Lavallee_tux_news

Andrew Lavallee, FASLA, RLA, Director of Strategic Planning, has been appointed to a five year term on the New York State Board of Landscape Architects.  As a member of the board, Andrew will be helping to regulate the licensure and registration of landscape architects. He will also be assisting with the promulgation of qualifications for a landscape architect license and making recommendations regarding the granting, revocation or suspension of a license and registration to practice landscape architecture.

Andrew and the SiteWorks team also participated in a technical peer review of the NYC DEC’s upcoming revised Stormwater Design Manual chapter on planting design for green infrastructure.


2015 SiteWorks 10th Anniversary Event

SiteWorks Signature Cocktail GraphicOn October 8, 2015 SiteWorks celebrated its 10th anniversary with a spectacular event at Pier A in Battery Park. Staff, friends, clients and business associates enjoyed an evening filled with music, good food, laughter and many walks down memory lane.  A photo journal was projected on multiple screens documenting SiteWorks project history.  Annette Wilkus, founding Principal, and Melissa Potter Ix, Principal, both gave heart felt speeches thanking clients, families, friends and staff for their hard work and support throughout the years.

In preparation of the event the office participated in a friendly competition to create a signature cocktail. The SiteWorker debuted during the celebration.


2015 Design Trust for Public Space 20th Anniversary Celebration


In October, The Design Trust for Open Public Space celebrated its 20th Anniversary. The Design Trust was founded in 1995 to unlock the potential of New York City’s shared spaces. Their unique project model brings together government agencies, community groups and private-sector experts to transform and evolve the city’s landscape.

Andrew Lavallee, our Director of Strategic Planning and a Design Trust Fellow, joined in the celebration. He is pictured on the far left with his fellow co-authors of the Trust’s “High Performance Landscape Guidelines: Parks for the 21st Century”.


New York City Playground Program New Projects

NEWS_189Q SitePhotos_1of6_300x200

SiteWorks recently started work on 2 new schools for the New York City Playground Program, PS 189 Flushing International School in Queens, NY and PS 154 in Harlem, NY. SiteWorks has begun the 3 month participatory phase, working closely with the Trust for Public Land team. The process is an integral part in the success of the project as it allows all parties to be active participants in the design of their new playground and playground stewards once the projects are completed.


ASLA Annual Meeting – Chicago

2015 11-08 ASLA Will profile_rt_300x200

Will Johnson, Associate, was a panel member at the ASLA annual conference in Chicago in early November.  The panel, titled ‘The Owner, the Designer the Construction Manager-Three landscape architects shape Governors Island’ showcased three separate paths the panel members have chosen for their career and the collaboration they worked toward to achieve the realization of the design.  The scale of the project, the historic significance of the island; its location in the middle of New York Harbor and the unavoidable impact of climate change and anticipated rising sea levels, all of these have combined to make this project a test case for new ways to approach planning, design, construction management and land stewardship. The panel members discussed their separate roles as they participated in this multi-year project.  Will’s knowledge of being on the island for the past three years and his innate ability to collaborate was well received and appreciated.


New York City Playground Program PS 161 Q Completed

NEWS_161 Q_300x215

PS 161 Q, the Arthur Ashe School, located in Queens, NY, opened in November with a celebration that included musicians and musical and dance numbers by the students. The community and fund raisers were on hand along with SiteWorks, Trust for Public Land, NYC Environmental Protection, the School Construction Authority, and the Department Education, all part of an innovative partnership, facilitating the New York City Playground Program.


PS 161Q celebrates community and history in homage to the school’s name sake, Arthur Ashe, with a tennis court designed to encourage the students to stay physically active. The new playground also boasts a running track, basketball shooting stations, planted garden beds and an outdoor classroom. The turf field, which can be used for soccer and football, captures and manages most of the playgrounds stormwater— continuing the mission to alleviate the stress on the combined sewer system on all the newly designed playgrounds.


Hudson Park, Boulevard and Streetscapes Improvement Opening


The first phase of this 6 block open space designed by MVVA opened in October in conjunction with the completion of the No. 7 Subway Extension. As part of the construction management team, SiteWorks fostered the landscape architectural elements through construction. Extending from West 33rd to West 39th Street this 6 block open space is lined with boulevards on the east and west. The first phase from West 33rd to West 36th accommodates two entrances to MTA’s new No. 7 Subway Extension. The first block (33rd to 34th) is a respite from traffic and holds one of the new MTA entrances. Block two (34th to 35th) will cool and soothe pedestrians with the fountains winding through the block and second MTA entrance. The third block (35th to 36th) holds an innovative playground and cafe. The park will be connected to the High Line by the new Hudson Yard development once that is completed.

JUNE 2015

PS111 Re-purposed Schoolyard Opens

The PS 111M Hell’s Kitchen schoolyard opened in June to great accolades from the community and the project funders. This project is part of an innovative partnership between the Trust for Public Land, NYC Environmental Protection, the School Construction Authority, the Department of Education, school students, and the community to construct Green Infrastructure Playgrounds from asphalt lots. News_200pxls_PS111M-2015_DSC_8009

Inspired by the native streams and wetlands that once occupied this area of Manhattan, as well as the school’s current proximity to the Hudson River, the SiteWorks participatory design team, led by Principal Melissa Potter Ix and Project Manager Josh Price, incorporated elements of waterways and their flora and fauna, as the theme for the new park. In addition to the active recreational components, which included a running track, multi-purpose field, basketball shooting stations, play equipment and ping pong, the park features a green roof gazebo, an outdoor classroom, stage, extensive student color seal art, multiple garden areas, and a woodland walk with native plants.


PS 111M not only celebrates the Hudson River through its design, but it helps to keep it clean by incorporating green infrastructure initiatives. The first 1” of stormwater that falls on the site is absorbed naturally into the ground, as rain gardens and sub-surface gravel infiltration beds prevent runoff from entering New York’s combined storm-sewer system.

JUNE 2015

‘Art in the Landscape’ Panel Discussion

Annette Wilkus was a member of a panel discussing ‘Art in the Landscape’ on Sunday June 14 at the National Arts Club. Annette presented construction sequencing photos of several areas of The High Line’s Section II. Included in the panel was Melanie Sifton, VP of Horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Nancy Buivid of Battery Park City Parks Conservancy. The common thread through the discussion included all projects SiteWorks has been a part of. Melanie touched on Brooklyn Botanic Garden Native Flora Garden Extension- which SiteWorks designed in collaboration with Darrel Morrison, as well as Teardrop Park and The High Line which are two of SiteWorks’ construction management projects.


SiteWorks Honored By ASLA NY

BBG Award ASLA_240pxh
SiteWorks is proud to announce our receipt of the 2015 New York ASLA Merit Award for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden New Native Flora Garden Extension, Brooklyn, NY.

Annette Wilkus, Founding Principal, accepted the award from Jennifer Nitzky, President ASLA NY with the collaborating designer, Darrell Morrison and Scot Medbury, President Brooklyn Botanic Garden.



Annette Wilkus, Principal, Honored at Built By Women Awards


The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation received grants from the New York Council for Humanities and the New York Building Foundation to identify 100 outstanding structures and built environments in New York City, contemporary or historic, designed and/or constructed by women. The structure or built must have a woman who was directly responsible for leading the design (architectural, engineering or landscape) or who led the construction, either from the development or construction management team.

SiteWorks is proud to announce Annette Wilkus received a Built By Women Award in the Landscape category for her work on Governors Island.

Over the next year, walking tours, interactive maps and other educational materials will be developed to highlight women’s contributions to the built environment and the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation will host local events to publicize the spaces.

SiteWorks Staff Updates


SiteWorks Landscape Architecture, a landscape architecture and construction management firm located in New York City, is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Lavallee FASLA to our team.

Andrew Lavallee is a professional with over 25 years’ experience in all technical aspects of our profession. As the Director of Strategic Planning, Andrew’s broad experience with high profile, interdisciplinary landscape projects will enhance our specialized site operations and maintenance planning services, assisting our clients with strategies to improve the full life-cycle performance of their landscape. As a recognized leader in the application of innovative green infrastructure strategies for cities Andrew co-authored the award-winning High Performance Landscape Guidelines: 21st Century Parks for New York City (2011). Andrew is a frequent speaker at landscape architecture conferences and has authored numerous articles on a variety of technical subjects ranging from sports facility design to the development of economically sustainable parks.

In addition to our new team members, SiteWorks is pleased to announce James Dudley ASLA recently completed his arborist exam and is ISA certified and Josh Price ASLA successfully completed the LARE and is now a registered landscape architect.




SiteWorks Principals head to Colorado for the American Society of Landscape Architects National Convention

Annette Wilkus and Melissa Potter Ix, attended the ASLA convention’s many interesting and informative workshops. Annette also presented as a panel member of Soil Biology: Make It Integral to Your Living Landscape, which was received with much enthusiasm. This was also the year Annette stepped down as Vice President of Professional Practice, passing the baton to Hunter Beckham.

Highlights of the annual meeting included honoring The Trust for Public Land for their unparalleled service to the Landscape Architectural profession as they celebrated William Rogers, Honorary ASLA being awarded the La Gasse Medal, Adrian Benepe being awarded the Olmsted Medal and Mary Alice Lee becoming an Honorary ASLA member.